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How to Create a Home Management Binder ~ Part 6 Health & Wellness

Part 6 ~ Health & Wellness

Hello Everyone, 
Welcome back to the How to Create a Home Management Binder series. First, I want to apologize for not posting anything in the last month. I have had some serious family issues to deal with, and I rarely had time to myself, never mind to blog. Anyway, I am happy to be back. Today I am going to cover the health & wellness section of my home management binder.

First I am going to cover emergency information. Bekah over at Pinch A Little Save A Lot created a wonderful emergency planning kit in which you can visit her site HERE to Download yourself a copy.

You can  also find an emergency contact sheet at:

It is also a good idea to carry and emergency card in your wallet or purse. You can find emergency card printables at the sites below.

Image Credit: Gifts We Use

The next section I would like to share with you is health, medical and prescription printables. For my medical information as well as my prescription log I use the printables from Blooming Homestead.

There are also printable sheets to keep track of sick and/or well doctor visits at iMom.
The last section I want to cover today is fitness & overall wellness. This could include weight loss, special things you do for overall health, and of course fitness.

Here I have some fitness printables I would like to share. To download each printable click HERE
to go to the post in which there are links to each printable below.

Image Credit: Design Finch

Well that concludes part 6 of the How To Create a Home Management binder series. Again, make sure you follow me so that you don't miss any sections.

Have a wonderful day!
~ Jenn


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