Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Favorite Colourlovers Patterns that I Created

So, where have I you ask??? Well, yes I admit that I have been MIA for a while. That is because I have been creating some wonderful palettes and patterns on Colourlovers.  Now I am addicted to two websites, Pinterest and Colourlovers. When I joined Colourlovers, it was only to created a few things here and there. I never imagined how I would fall in love with it. There is so much more to the site than just creating palettes and patterns. First, there are many fun and exciting groups that you may join. Each group has a special theme, some with contests and challenges, some where you create things to honor other members and some focus on one thing (i.e. teal, music, recipes, vintage, etc.). I have been very active lately in the groups that I joined. I have also met some really wonderfully talented, friendly people on the site. So now that you know what I have been doing, I just would like to apologize for abandoning the blog for a while. I am going to print out some blog planners, and divide my time between the two. Also, I would just like to share with you some recent favorite patterns that I have made. These are just some of the 200 patterns I have made. If you would like to view my palettes and patterns and/or possible join in on the fun, here is the link. It will take you directly to my profile, however just press home if you want to sign up. 

If you decide to join, I would love to see what you create. I enjoy see what creations other member come up with just as much as creating my own thing.

COLOURlovers Wallpaper_Pattern

Colourlovers Handmade Knit

Colurlovers Dainty Flowers

Colourlovers Retro Shape

COLOURlovers ♥_Butterflies_♥

COLOURlovers Out_to_Dry

COLOURlovers Fairy_Dust

Colorlovers Midnight Lullaby

COLOURlovers Oh_Rubber_Ducky

Until next time....HAPPY CRAFTING!!!



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