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Welcome to my blog! I am really excited that you stopped by. Here is a little bit about myself.......


 At the you age of fourteen I became a mother to a beautiful baby boy. It was extremely difficult, however despite the circumstances I somehow managed to graduate high school in 1997 at the top tenth percent of my class.

I have always had a passion for creating handmade crafts.  As a child I would sit in awe while my mother created handmade floral wreaths for craft shows.  One Christmas I remember Santa bringing me a book with tutorials on how to create friendship bracelets. I was so excited! I started making friendship bracelets for all my close friends in school. As time passed, I started finding more new and exciting bracelet patterns on different websites. I even started to create my own patterns. However, as I created each bracelet I would store it away in a plastic container.​ That container started to fill very quickly. I became frustrated because I did not want my hard work to sit in a container, I wanted to find a way to be able to share my work with others. It was then that I decided to open Bracelets By Jen on Etsy.

I also love creating scrapbook layouts. I started doing this after my trip to Disney World with my son in 2004. I had dozens of pictures and wanted a creative way to display them. I'm still working on mastering digital scrapbook layouts, as I have always been a physical paper person. I am also still learning how to knit different patterns. Currently, the only thing I can knit is a scarf! ☺

My son and I currently live in the Boston area. If my nose is not in a book, creating some kind of craft, or I'm not still trying to figure this whole blogging thing out, I am usually with friends at my local Starbucks. When I have free time I also enjoy playing softball, camping, skiing and baking.


Each of my bracelets are made with high quality embroidery floss thread. I use a technique some may know as macrame or micro-macrame. This entails tying hundreds of tiny knots in a specific order to create a pattern. I put great time and effort into each of my bracelets. Depending on the difficulty of the pattern, it usually takes me anywhere between 1 to 4 hours to create a bracelet. I recently started adding clamps, clasps, and chains to some of my bracelets. I have found that not everyone would like to wear their bracelets the traditional way (tying it on). Therefore, by adding these materials to the bracelet, allows for easy removal of the bracelet if needed. Recently, I have also started to add various other types of bracelets. My goal is have a wider target market. Therefore, I have started posting hemp and para-cord bracelets in addition to embroidery bracelets. 

Again, I want to welcome you to my blog. Grab a cup of coffee, and stay a while.


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A Few Facts About Myself:

I am a Proud Single Parent

I am obsessed with Essie nail polish.

Images came from my Pinterest board where original source can be viewed.

I adore Bon Jovi!!

Teal is my favorite color

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My favorite flower is a purple rose.

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My Best Friend is my cat, MISTY

My favorite thing to bake is cupcakes.

Image from recipesquickandeasy.blogspot.com

I am a Fighter!

I am a Survivor!

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