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This page is both my inspiration and motivation when I feel like giving up. Quotes (especially the picture quotes) help me to keep going. There have been time I have felt that no one understands, then I see a quote with my exact thoughts and/or feelings. Please feel free to grab a cup of coffee and read the quotes I have found while searching the web. Do you have a favorite quote or saying? I would love to hear it.


I found a wonderful site today about enlightenment, self growth, life purpose and more. The site is called Just Enlightenment by Garrett Paknis. I have been on the look out for a website or blog that had the enlightenment and/or personal self growth theme. I read some of the articles, and they definitely had an impact on me. Plus, I love all the quotes on the sites Twitter page @enlighteneDaily. Here are a few of the posts I embeded from the Twitter site.

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You Decide
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This quote/info-graphic I found on a website called Acid Squirrel really made me think!!

Read these carefully…
From Acid Squirrel

Speak the truth

happiness-is-when-you-feel-good-about-yourself-without-feeling-the-need-for-anyone-elses-approval-happiness-quote.jpg (894×894)

I had a "friend" who talked about a lot of people; it wasn't until she was no longer my "friend" that I realized that she talked about me to other people.  Sad.



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