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The Handmade Forum is a group of worldwide artists, craftspeople and small business owners dedicated to promoting and supporting handmade items. It is not your traditional Etsy team. It is an off-site place for both Etsy and other online handmade craft sellers to chat, share their shops, tips, challenges, news, links and more outside the constraint of Etsy. You can find our forum home here.

If you are a member of The Handmade Forum, feel free to leave your shop info by filling in the form below. =D

Art Credit: Stacey Sobelman of SMART Designs}
I am a proud member and leader of the All Handmade By Me Team on Etsy. You may have read about the team in an article on Yahoo Shine. The team was started by Stacey Sobelman after Etsy announced it's new policies allowing large companies and manufactured items on Etsy. The goal of this team to keep the true "spirit" of Etsy alive. Members of this team must sell only handmade items created by them self. When an Etsy seller applies to the team, their shop is examined and reviewed by team leaders to make sure that all items in the shop are truly handmade. When the sell is accepted, they are given a badge, similar to the one above to place on their shop banner. The concept of the badge is to help shoppers distinguish between shops that sell one of a kind handmade items, and shops that create their items with a machine (sewing machine does not count). Below you will find a list of shops from members of the All Handmade By Me team.

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