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Free Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Subway Art

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Winter "Let it Snow" Printable

This cute winter printable I designed is currently hanging by my front door in my "seasonal" frame. If you would like your own copy, HERE is the link to download this cute winter printable.

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Monthly Bill Log

Here is a great way to keep track of your monthly bills. When they arrive you mark what bill it is, and when it is due. Once you pay the bill you will have a record of how much you paid, how you paid {conformation # and/or check #}, and any notes for the future. I have been using this type of form for years and it has helped to keep my bills organized and paid on time. 

Feel free to use this form to help keep your monthly bills more organized, by downloading your own copy. However, please just remember that it is for personal use only. Again, you may share this post, just please remember to link all content back to I Heart Crafting. Thank you!

ETSY Custom Order Form

If you are a seller on Etsy, and could use this form to help keep your custom orders more organized, feel free to download your own copy. Please just remember that it is for personal use only. You may share this post, however please remember to link all content back to I Heart Crafting. Thank you!

Username and Password Log

Another goal for the new year is to become more organized. Everywhere I turn I seem to find post-it notes. Many of which are usernames and passwords for sites that I have created accounts. So I decided that I needed one place in which I could have access to my usernames and passwords. Therefore, I decided to create a printable where I could log in this information. I can add this form to my new household management binder that I am putting together. {More about the binder later}....So if you are like me and are in need of a little help in the organizing department, feel free to download a copy {or a few} and you can finally throw out all those post-it notes around your desk. Hope this helps!!! ☺

Download your free copy of this form here.

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