The Significance Of Color In Our Everyday Life

Did you know that each color has a specific meaning to it, as well as an emotion behind it? Most people do not realize this when choosing colors in our day to day lives.

For example, most of us probably don't think about what the color of our daily outfit communicates to others. We simply pick out something from our closet in the morning, making sure the colors match nicely, add some matching accessories (well if you are a woman), and out the door we go with out a second thought.

Today I want to give you a brief introduction into what I have learned about the meaning of color. Since there is so much information about this topic, I simply could not put it all into one post without boring you to death. lol! So here is a list with the meaning of each color:

Red - power, passion, energy, vitality, aggressive, assertive, lust, madness, luck, pain
Burgundy - sense of self worth, deserving, luxury
Orange - encouragement, motivation, creativity, competence, communication
Yellow - warning, alert, joy, inspiration, stimulation, brightness, intelligence
Green - environment, outdoors, natural, clean, adventurous, renewal, freshness
Blue - honestly, sincerity, loyal, reliability, balanced, calming, peace, protection
Purple - knowledge, intelligence, artistic, compassionate
Black - Strength, power, elegance, death, evil, mystery
White - peace, purity, innocence, perfection

Color Meanings & Symbolism Chart
Image Credit: Art Therapy Blog

I hope you found this interesting. For more information on color meaning and symbolism, visit the Color page on my blog.

Happy Crafting,
♥ Jenn

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