Free Coupon Tracker Printable

Over the past few weeks I have been trying to go through all my coupons and create a more organized way to file them. I have found coupons in my purse, car, kitchen counter, and many other places they don't belong. Also, while sorting through them I have found that TONS of them expired a long time ago. Plus, there were some coupons I dug up that would have saved me money if I had them with me at the store.

My goal is to develop a coupon system that is easy to use and maintain. I am not an extreme couponer.
After researching some couponing sites, I learned that the coupons that may come in one weeks flyer, may be good to use with a sale on a different upcoming week. Therefore, I need to know what I have and where to find it. First I created a simple coupon envelope to carry with me at all times. It is very small and fits perfectly in my purse. Next, I decided that when I write my shopping list that I will put a "C" next to items I have coupons for. Finally, I created a way to visually see what coupons I have without digging through all of them. It is an easy chart that will help me to remember what coupons I have, and can also refer to the sheet when looking through weekly store flyers. If you would like a copy of this printable simply click below.

I hope this was helpful!! 



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