Saturday, August 3, 2013

How to Create a Home Management Binder

Do you have important papers lying all over the house? Can you never find important information when you need it most? Would you like a place where you can store those important papers and information so that it is easily accessible? Well then this series on how to create a home management binder is for you. I am going to start the first part of a three part series today on how to create a home management binder of your own. In the series I will show you my home management binder, walk you through the steps of setting up your own binder and supply you with various links to free useful printables that I have found around the internet.

To start off, you will need some supplies:
1.) A 1 1/2 - 3 inch binder with clear sleeve {depending on how much you will be storing in the binder} that you can find at many local stores as well as Amazon.
2.) Printer Paper
3.) Plenty of ink for your computer printer
4.) Clear page protector sleeves
5.) Section dividers {like the ones the kids use for school}
6.) Label printer or Sharpie marker
7.) 3 hole paper puncher
8.) Folders that have 3 holes to fit into binder *Optional*
9.) Pen/Pencil Holder with 3 holes & pens, pencils, highlighters *Optional*
10.) Post-it Notes *Optional*
11.) Business card holder for 3 ring binder *Optional*

Once you have all the supplies you are ready to start. First we are going to start out with the binder cover and spine. Below is what the spine and cover of my home management binder looks like.

I found my cover and spine at Organizing Homelife. Ginny, the owner of Organizing Homelife did a 31 day even where she made 31 printables in 31 days. For the binder covers she offers six different styles to choose from. Please take a look!
Link to Organizing Homelife Home Management Printables

Now you are ready to start adding the printables. The first thing that I put into my binder was a calendar, which I also got at Organizing Homelife. However, there are many various calendars available on the internet. Here are some of my favorites.


The elli Blog

The Tomkat Studio


I also added a page that I could keep track of all the yearly important dates.

Scattered Squirrel
Image belongs to Scattered Squirrel

Image belongs to Pinch A Little Save Alot


Other place you can find contact printables:

So I hope this was helpful. I will continue with the next sections on the next post. Please make sure you follow me and/or follow by email so that you don't miss any sections. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


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