How to Create A Home Management Binder ~ Part 2


Hello Everyone,
Well back to How to Create A Home Management Binder ~ Part 2. Today we are going to cover the next few sections in my home management binder. Keep in mind that everyone's needs are different. Therefore, what I have in my binder may differ from what you need in your household binder. These are just ideas to help you to start building your binder. Feel free at any time to add or maybe skip over a section if you find that it will not be helpful to you.

The first section I am going to cover today is To Do Lists.

My favorite lists are from Clean Mama. She has three different lists. These are the ones I use.

Image Credit: Clean Mama

Image credit: Clean Mama

Some other to do lists I have found are from:

Image credit: Just a Girl and Her Blog

Image Credit: I Love Organized Home

Image Credit: I Heart Organizing

The next section I am going to address is online account Password and Username Log

Here is the account password & username log I created. It can be downloaded HERE.

Here is another version from New Bee Homeschooler.

Image Credit: New Bee Homeschooler

You can also find some different versions at:

The final section I am going to share with you today is Important Household Account Numbers Log.

I just recently created a printable for this section. This log is to keep track of all my household account numbers such as my gas, electric, credit card accounts, etc. You can download a copy HERE.

Another version of these logs can be found at DIY Home Sweet Home

Image Credit: DIY Home Sweet Home

Images Credit: DIY Home Sweet Home

I hope you find these printables helpful. Again, make sure you follow me so that you don't miss any sections of the household management binder series. Next time I will be sharing the financial section of my binder. You can also find tons of other printables on my Household Planner and Organizing Pinterest Board.

Have a great day!

♥ Jenn


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