Saturday, November 9, 2013

Stella Ziganti Designs ~ An Etsy Shop Above the Rest

Are you looking for an extraordinary piece of handmade jewelry that exceeds your expectations when it comes to quality? Are you in search of a gift for someone who loves exceptionally beautiful jewelry, but you can't afford the prices at the mall? Well I would like to tell you about Stella Ziganti Designs. Stella Ziganti Designs is an Etsy shop run by my new friend, and fellow All Handmade by Me team member, Suzanne Smith.

Suzanne creates beautiful, one of a kind, natural gemstone jewelry using untreated gemstones and sterling silver. Here are some of my favorite pieces she has created.

Suzanne's shop, Stella Ziganti Designs, is a fairly new shop which opened in September 2013. However, you would never be able to tell with the very professional customer service, and gorgeous jewelry she creates. It looks likes she has been doing it for years.

As Suzanne states on her shop about page: " I love jewelry—I love wearing it, seeing it, giving it and receiving it. However, there is one thing I love more than all of that, and it is designing and creating it. Picking out natural stones that look like the river in the spring, or the ocean on a clear day and making that into something that can be worn is so exciting to me—it reminds me of my kids when I hand them paint and brushes and send them off to have fun, and their faces just light up."

She really puts her heart and soul into every handmade piece she creates, and it shows in the quality of her jewelry. Not only does she enjoy making the jewelry, but she does it with the intent that her jewelry "brighten" someones day. 

Please take a moment an visit Stella Ziganti Designs on Etsy, and see for yourself the incredible amount of work Suzanne puts into her jewelry.

You can also find Stella Ziganti Designs on:

FACEBOOK (where she is currently having a giveaway)

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope you enjoy Suzanne's work as much as I do!

~ Jenn


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