Sunday, November 30, 2014

Have Yourself A Handmade Holiday Blog Hop

Members of The Handmade Forum have decided to participate in a blog hop as a way to help you find that perfect handmade Christmas gift this holiday season.

The Handmade Forum is a group of worldwide artists, craftspeople and small business owners dedicated to promoting and supporting handmade items.

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You may be asking, why buy handmade? Whey you buy handmade, you are not just buying a physical item. You are also receiving a product that is unique, one of a kind, made with love and care as well as a piece of the artist or craftsperson's heart and soul. You are supporting someones dream, their passion, their ability to grow as and entrepreneur and so much more. Not convinced yet? Read this blog post 26 reasons to buy handmade. This holiday season before you shop at a large chain store where the products are mass produced, consider what you can do by buying from a small business owner who creates each item them-self.
Support your local artists, crafters and designers!

Now let me get started with the party. First I want to introduce the hostess of the party Tammy Adams of  Paisley Lizard Designs. Tammy specializes in a wide range of handmade jewelry, buttons and gift tags. Her jewelry designs consists of rustic, nature inspired, elegant and more. Below is one of my favorite items she has created. But you must visit her shop to see all the lovely pieces she has created, as this is just a small sample.

Next we have Debbie Cagle Flaherty of Flaherty Naturals. Debbie creates handmade organic skin care products. Her products include organic body lotions and oils, bath salts, bath scrubs, soaps, lip balms and more. She has so many wonderful products in her shop that are a must see. Here is one of my favorites.  
Flaherty Naturals
Next up is Suzanne from Stella Ziganti Designs. Suzanne is such a talented person. I have been a big fan of her jewelry since she first opened her shop. Suzanne specializes in various types of handmade jewelry made with natural untreated gemstones. She has so many wonderful pieces, I recommend you stop by her shop. Here is one of my favorite pair of earrings she created.
Stella Ziganti Designs

Another wonder shop that offers beautiful handmade jewelry is Dix Sterling run by Dix Cutler. Her jewelry consists of artisan pendants, earrings, bracelets and more. These sterling silver artisan earrings are one of my favorites. However she has so much more to offer, so be sure to take a peak at her shop.

Looking for decorative pushpins or magnets? Be sure to stop by to see Kathryn at Lorraine Inspired. Here you will find decorative thumbtacks, push pins, and magnets galore, in any style you can imagine. They would make the perfect stocking stuffer.Here is one of my favorites from Kathryn's shop.

Finally we have Kei-Hawk Rose from Desert Sage Natural. At Desert Sage Natural you will find a huge variety of custom made teas. Have a tea lover to buy for? Desert Sage would be the perfect place to find organic and ethically wild-crafted tea. Like me, can't decide? Try a tea sampler like the one below.

Well that going to do it for today. Thank you for stopping by and joining us. I hope you were able to find some wonderful handmade gifts to make your holiday shopping easier. If you have any questions about any of the shops I mentioned, feel free to contact the shop owner. They will be more than happy to help you find just what you need. Also if you are looking for handmade embroidery macrame bracelets, stop by my shop Bracelets By Jen. Thanks again!!

Don't forget to check out my fellow teammates blog posts as well.

Happy Holidays,


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