Free Printables To Help With Your Holiday Planning

How are you doing on your holiday shopping? If you are like me, you still have a lot more shopping to do. With so much to do, things can get pretty crazy around this time of year. Therefore, I decided to create some holiday printables to help you (and me =D) keep everything somewhat organized. Currently I am working on my holiday cards that I send to my friends and family each year. I like to mail them about two weeks before Christmas so they arrive right around Christmas day. To help keep track of my list I created this Christmas card address list. You can download your copy below.
Next, I created a Christmas gift list checklist. This way I don't forget anyone, and I can keep track of who I still need to buy a gift for. You can download a copy for yourself below.

Also, don't forget to print a copy of the Stocking Stuffer list I created as well. Here is the link to the post. 

Finally, I found some really great sites that have Christmas and Holiday planner printables as well. 
Well that is going to be it for today. I hope you found these printables helpful! Also, checkout my Pinterest Christmas Planner Printables Board for some more resources to help you organize your holiday season.

Happy Holidays,
Jenn =D

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means make a small commission for any purchases you make through these links. The profits I receive helps me to pay for the costs of running this website.



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