Friday, August 23, 2013

How to Create a Home Management Binder ~ Part 4

Part 4 ~ Meal Planning & Coupons

Welcome to Part 4 of the How to Create A Home Management Binder series. Today I am going to show you the meal planning section of my binder, as well as the coupon section. Now I have two parts to my meal planning section. In the first part I put the actual meal planner printables. In the second part I put my grocery/to buy lists. 

I use a few different free meal planning printables I have found around the web. The first one I would like to share with you is from Buttoned Up. It is a great meal planner with space for both writing in what you are planning to make each day of the week, plus a shopping list. I use this printable if I don't have a huge shopping order that week.

The planner I use most often is the one from The Joy Cottage. I love this one because I can write in the ingredients for each meal so that I can make sure I have everything I will need. Plus there is room for all three meals of the day.

Another printable I use, especially for school days is a lunch planner from Hello Cuteness. It is great for planning school lunches.

Image Credit: Hello Cuteness

You can also find more meal planning printables by clicking the links below.

Now for the second part of my meal planning section, the grocery list. The one that I use most often because there is a place to check off if you are using a coupon is the list from Pinch A Little Save A Lot.

However, you can also find another list at Scattered Squirrel

Next, I would like to share my coupon section of my binder. To keep track of my coupons I created a coupon tracker printable which you can DOWNLOAD HERE. I did this because I was finding that I either forgot I had a coupon {and it expired}, and because when I need a specific coupon I can just check to see quickly if I have it in my coupon holder.

You can also find a different coupon tracker at Mrs. January. However, I found that printable to be a bit too complicated. But it may work better for you. 

Well this concludes today's post of How to Create a Home Management Binder. Please make sure you follow me so that you don't miss out on any part of the series. Also, if you are coming from Pinterest and would like to start at the beginning of the series click HERE.

Thanks Everyone,
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