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How to Create a Home Management Binder ~ Part 5 Cleaning & Projects

Part 5 ~ Cleaning & Projects
Welcome back to my How to Create a Home Management Binder series. With fall coming, it's time to start to pack away all your summer clothes and accessories. Therefore, I though it would be appropriate to cover my cleaning and project sections of my binder.
I have a few favorite printables for these sections. One of these comes from a favorite blog of mine, Pinch A Little Save A Lot. Bekah, the owner of Pinch A Little Save A Lot, has some absolutely wonderful cleaning printables. 
Pinch A Little Save A Lot Cleaning Printables Image Credit: Pinch A Little Save A Lot
You can find some more wonderful cleaning printables at another favorite blog of mine, New Bee Homeschooler. They have four different printables: weekly, monthly, spring and fall.

New Bee HomeSchooler Cleaning Printables Image Credit: New Bee Homeschooler

If none of these works for you, you can also find other cleaning printables at:
Buttoned Up
Label Me Organized
Next I would like to share my …

How to Create a Home Management Binder ~ Part 4

Part 4 ~ Meal Planning & Coupons
Welcome to Part 4 of the How to Create A Home Management Binder series. Today I am going to show you the meal planning section of my binder, as well as the coupon section. Now I have two parts to my meal planning section. In the first part I put the actual meal planner printables. In the second part I put my grocery/to buy lists. 
I use a few different free meal planning printables I have found around the web. The first one I would like to share with you is from Buttoned Up. It is a great meal planner with space for both writing in what you are planning to make each day of the week, plus a shopping list. I use this printable if I don't have a huge shopping order that week.
Buttoned Up Meal Planner Images Credit: Buttoned Up.

The planner I use most often is the one from The Joy Cottage. I love this one because I can write in the ingredients for each meal so that I can make sure I have everything I will need. Plus there is room for all three meals …

How to Create a Home Management Binder ~ Part 3

Part 3 ~ Finances
Hello Everyone, Welcome back to my How to Create a Home Management Binder Series. We ended last time with account numbers and information. Therefore, today I will be showing you the next section in by binder which is my financial section. For my finances I currently use the Money Management Essentials, created by Bekah onPinch A Little Save A Lot.She has nine financial printables that I use, that are so colorful. Some of which are:

A Financial Calendar

A Bill Payment Checklist

A Daily Expense Tracker

A Monthly Budget You can find these and more wonderful printables at Pinch A Little Save A Lot.

I also use a monthly bill payment tracker that I created a while back.

You can download your own copy of this printable HERE.
You can also find other useful printables for your financial section on the sites below.
♥ DIY Home Sweet Home
♥ Life In Sam's Box
♥ Organizing Homelife
You can also explore my Household Budget Pinterest Board where you will find some more ideas and links. T…

How to Create A Home Management Binder ~ Part 2

Hello Everyone, Well back to How to Create A Home Management Binder ~ Part 2. Today we are going to cover the next few sections in my home management binder. Keep in mind that everyone's needs are different. Therefore, what I have in my binder may differ from what you need in your household binder. These are just ideas to help you to start building your binder. Feel free at any time to add or maybe skip over a section if you find that it will not be helpful to you.
The first section I am going to cover today is To Do Lists.
My favorite lists are from Clean Mama. She has three different lists. These are the ones I use.

Some other to do lists I have found are from:

Just a Girl and Her Blog

I Love Organized Home

I Heart Organizing

The next section I am going to address is online account Password and Username Log
Here is the account password & username log I created. It can be downloaded HERE.

Here is another version from New Bee Homeschooler.

How to Create a Home Management Binder

Do you have important papers lying all over the house? Can you never find important information when you need it most? Would you like a place where you can store those important papers and information so that it is easily accessible? Well then this series on how to create a home management binder is for you. I am going to start the first part of a three part series today on how to create a home management binder of your own. In the series I will show you my home management binder, walk you through the steps of setting up your own binder and supply you with various links to free useful printables that I have found around the internet.
To start off, you will need some supplies: 1.) A 1 1/2 - 3 inch binder with clear sleeve {depending on how much you will be storing in the  binder} that you can find at many local stores as well as Amazon. 2.)Printer Paper 3.) Plenty of printer ink 4.) Clear page protectors 5.) Section dividers for binders 6.) Label Maker 7.) 3 Hole paper punch 8.) Fold…